Floor 3 continues its make-over

Mike and I have now worked a full week since crawling out of bed following a dose of the flu, but we confess that we have been working short days this week.  We have found that after starting work at 9am, by 3.30pm we were pretty pooped.  More alarming was the discovery that our tools and equipment all appear to have become heavier whilst we were ill, and have also become more challenging to use.

You can never have too much insulation

So on Tuesday, following on from the issue with the water on Monday, we decided to find a steadier job with less potential to go wrong.  We elected to put the second layer of insulation on the exterior walls of floor 3.  This involved boarding up the sloping ceilings between Velux windows, which was relatively straightforward, and also lining the roof behind the struts you can see in the shot below.  This involved quite a lot of contorting into small and unusual spaces…

Deputy chief builder cutting pieces to size

…but in time should mean that these rooms are far more snug when completed.

The en-suites getting the insulation treatment


Long walls now covered

Once Mike has skimmed the walls with plaster (which will add the final touch to the integrity of the insulation) we will return to plaster-board over the purlin and studs, to create a smooth vaguely vertical wall.  Of course, we also have to put in the electrics and plumbing, but for floor 3, once the stairwell is completed we think it will not be so very long before we can add a quick lick of paint ready to receive guests….

Making some fine adjustments

Mike took this picture, I suspect, to show what an unorthodox approach I take occasionally to using the workhorse.  Its a brilliant device with all its clamps and gadgets for holding things, but which is not much use when it is two floors below and I’m feeling a tad weary…

On balance, we are pleased that we have managed to make significant progress this week.  In addition, Mike has written to Building Control and – if the runes fall our way – we hope that his proposed solution may be approved, and we could then re-start work on the stairwell next week.

What’s that I hear you say – something pink flying past your windows, by any chance?  I know what you mean, but bear with me please, I am trying to remain positive here….

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