Footnotes and further progress

Let me start with an upate on my ankle: I want to assure you that the questionable colour is not dirt, it is bruising!

There is still quite a swelling over the ankle bone, but the swelling on the rest of the area is slowly reducing, and my mobility is getting back to normal, with occasional twinges. I am thrilled that I managed to hobble around during half term, when we were very busy with guests, and was still able to be reasonably effective when we managed to return to the building work.

We are continuing to prepare for the underpinning work which we hope will start sometime this month. Below, you can see what remains in the garden shed standing just outside the back door to the property. It had been used as a tool and chemical/paint store by the previous owners, and a wood store and store for Mike’s bee equipment by us. I spent a day or two removing most of the contents, and it is now awaiting demolition, one day, when the mood is upon us…

Below here, you can see where I had deposited the panelling that was removed from above the hall fireplace. On a reasonably dry day last week, I cut this all down to firewood whilst Mike was…

…working around the side of the building. At the far end of the wall as you see it here, the ground beneath the building is gently subsiding, leaving the wall unsupported. In order to prepare to deal with this, Mike has removed 10 metres of armoured cable which we are told was used by previous owners who tried to tap into the mains supply bypassing the electricity metre. We understand that it didn’t end well (the fire brigade were called out) so we thought it was time to remove the temptation.

After removing the cable, we then started lifting the pavers and moving them to the far side of the car park. As we clear these away, the feet of the polytunnel that used to live here are being revealed, so we will be liberating these as we go. The plan is to lift all these paving blocks because, in a week or two, a digger will be arriving with a trenching tool to help us begin work on the underpinning.

We will need to dig holes, so we want to remove anything that would make this difficult. We also realise that after we have dug the holes and back-filled them with concrete, we will then want to scrape down to the ideal level (as plenty of materials has been buried under these paving tiles) ready for working on this end of the building. Not much to do then…

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