Gardening weather has returned

The weather has improved significantly since I last wrote, so I have the energy for a very brief update before the weekend.
Mike has continued to work on the third floor bathroom. He has now finished putting in the plasterboard and, as of this evening, has plastered all walls. It is very difficult to get a good photo of this, though, so am including some library shots (as I am too weary / lazy to go and photograph it right now…)

Mike has been plastering again

…and installing plaster board.

Mike’s work has been very fiddly recently – a few minutes on this, an hour or so on that… so I have been keeping out from under his feet. You may recall last time I showed you a pile of rhodo stems left to die last year. Here you can see the gap left when they had all been moved (although I note most of the leaves remain)…

This is where the Rhodo stems were left to die last autumn

…and you can see them here, drying, waiting for the wind to change direction so we can burn them without bothering the bees.
… and this is where we have dragged them all, to dry out, before burning.

We have put up the scaffold tower again. It is now positioned ready for Alex and I to chip off the remaining old paint, stabilise, and repaint in our new livery – once the paint has been delivered.
The building didn’t feel right without some scaffolding!

With the improved weather, I have started to weed the various beds that have been put in this year. Given the dry weather earlier, we have had a few losses, so am gap filling with the young plants I have been raising, so all is beginning to look a little bit perkier. So, not too much going on here at the moment – we hope things are going well for you.

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