Getting back into the DIY saddle

I don’t know how the weather has been with you, but we had such a wonderful spring day on Wednesday that we had to change our plans. Strictly speaking, we should have adhered rigidly to our schedule – since we are starting several months late anyway – but, hey, what’s the point of being the bosses if we can’t indulge ourselves occasionally? We spent most of the morning in the lower garden, matting the plants that now surround the labyrinth, and then topping the matting with slate chippings, whilst the sun blazed in a clear blue sky.
In the afternoon, a photographer dropped by with his drone, and we have a few pictures now to put into a three-fold leaflet we are trying to pull together. Below is a sneak preview of the kind of pictures we now have:

An aerial view of Plas Penaeldroch Manor
An aerial view of part of our building project

We are designing a leaflet for 2017, since we hope next year’s leaflet will include details of our new accommodation, so we have requested about 5 photos now, and will be arranging for photos to be taken later this summer, when the leaves are out on the trees.
Yesterday and today have obligingly been rather wet, which has forced our focus back indoors. Yesterday, Mike prepared for further destructive works but, as we knew we would have a large party of walkers arriving around 2pm, we resisted the urge to bring out the sledgehammers too early. Instead, we gave the cafe something of a spring clean in the morning, and had great fun with the walkers in the afternoon. We also started our taste tests for ice cream to stock when the season arrives.

Today, I replenished the larders with a trip to various establishments in Llandudno and then on to Welsh class, whilst Mike made a temporary repair on the roof where we discovered a couple of tiles had slipped.
This afternoon we treated ourselves to a proper start on the next phase and, as you can see below, we now have one wall fewer than we had this morning.

Step 1: make a small opening...
Step 1: make a small opening…

Step 2: when the kanga hammer wears you out, just try whacking it with a lump hammer...
Step 2: when the kanga hammer wears you out, just try whacking it with a lump hammer…

01mar54 Step 3: sweep away the rubble

oh, and then have a deep deep bath!

Unfortunately, this photo doesn't really show the depth of the layer of grime!
Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t really accurately show the depth of the layer of grime!
And it was such a shame that the camera failed to work when Mike tried to capture my dusty likeness.

Finally, before I relax and prepare myself for a weekend without Jane, a reminder of our schedule for next week, courtesy of Jane and Abigail:

Looking forward to next weekend, and Red Nose events
Looking forward to next weekend, and all the Red Nose events