Getting on with the jobs….

Last week, we had cool weather and some rain in Wales, so we were able to paint the new front door.

You may be able to see below that the cooling zephyrs blew the newspaper protecting the carpet onto the door in one place, so we will need to correct that blemish in due course.

Mike also took our Ukrainian friends on an outing to experience the British delight of crabbing from the quay in Caernarfon on a lovely sunny afternoon.

To complete the picture of last week as a continuation of our waiting brief, we even managed to bake some of the tiers of the wedding cake needed for next month.

But last Thursday we had a breakthrough. Our friendly digger driver appeared with time on his hands, as the rain locally last Tuesday was pretty heavy and so he was flooded out of some other jobs, leaving him free to help us.

With his longer digger arm, we were able to find rock between eight and nine foot down on the extreme right hand end, and then getting higher as he pulled back towards the left.

You can see below how the water started to collect at the base of the trench, so we are pretty confident we have got down to bedrock in the important right hand corner.

Having finished that, we then broke the corner off the slab to make it easier for us to pour the concrete into the foundations in due course. Once this work was finished, we began the dance of many emails between us, the building engineer, the architect, and Building Control which is still continuing a week later. Essentially, we just need to confirm precisely what is to be poured where: once that is agreed we can recommence building works.

On another note, you might like to see the dog and cat are still doing well in all this heat…

…and that our first ever north Walian cucumbers are just about ready for picking.

It’s a wonderful life!

2 thoughts on “Getting on with the jobs….

  1. All positive lucky you with green grass, dry as a crisp here hoping for a shower this week … fingers crossed

    1. We saw some photos last week of Oxfordshire that looked just as you describe. In fairness, north Wales has been very lucky – we are still pretty green, even though we have had very little rain now for over a month….

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