Getting plastered again . . . for Eurovision

I hope what follows will make sense, but I am writing with at least one eye on the TV enjoying the weird spectacle which is Eurovision.

The stairs have remained securely in place since Monday, and now it is time to do the fiddly bits that we have ignored to date.  Below you see a shot of floor 3 of the extension leading into a corridor into the old manor.  We removed the plasterboard over the studs last year to find out what was behind it, and we discovered a space that was open to the eaves and completely un-insulated, so not particularly weatherproof and no wonder this floor was cold!

So this is where we think some wildlife got in last year…

To make it rather more satisfactory for guests, we have insulated this well before covering it with plaster board.  By the way, and in case it isn’t obvious, we still have to decide how much of the facing wall to dismantle which explains why it has a rather dishevelled look.

…now insulated, which should make this floor more comfortable

Back to the main back wall behind the stairs, where Mike is inserting plaster board so that the wall is all one level, ready for plastering.

So the door to the fire exit used to be somewhere here

Mike used a pretty strong adhesive to glue the board into place so we hope it holds well.  We then left all to dry overnight, and yesterday Mike de-nibbed the Artex finish on the ceiling to make it easier to plaster, and I followed through with a weak solution of PVA glue to make the ceiling less porous.  We added a tad of food colouring, as recommended on t’internet, so we could see where we had been.  When finished we had a jolly good clean up.

Proof that I am still in the team

Here you can see the cleared space we began with this morning – cleared as Mike is inclined to drop the odd spot of plaster or two when working with plaster over his head.

The space now prepared for plastering

He started strongly…

Mike began plastering after the plaster was delivered at 11am…

… but was well tired when he finished, as it took 3 separate coats to cover the old Artex to his satisfaction.  He is currently sitting very quietly in a chair watching Norway’s contribution – quite catchy, he thinks.

…and had finished by about 4.30pm


Tomorrow being Sunday, we will both be on cafe duties but hope to be able to spare Mike on Monday to plaster the walls so that they can begin to dry ready for us to remove the floor.  Oh yes, progress is being made!

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