Getting plastered – again…

My carefully drawn detailed schedule, under which we should finish these rooms by end July, has been pretty much ignored this week as we got a bit distracted. Mike started plastering last week and because we need to spread the plastering out evenly, as it is pretty exhausting for the poor old bean, he wanted to continue plastering this week rather than plumbing the bathrooms on floor 1.

The old window, bricked up when Plas was originally extended

Here you can see Mike on the landing on floor 2. When originally extended, a large window was bricked up and this exterior wall of the Manor was covered in plaster board. We decided that the exterior wall is such a lovely feature we wanted to keep it visible, but the breeze block in-filling was so unsightly, we decided to plaster over it. Alex and I therefore stuck some beading on the wall to create a ‘limit’ for the plastering, which Mike then infilled…

…and after Mike has plastered the window ‘panels’/

and Voila – plastered panels ready for further decoration.

Can you see where Mike has been plastering?

Mike also plastered the ceiling under the floor 3 landing, and on down the stairs, so I will soon be able to get back to my favourite pastime of painting.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here you see the right hand end of the rear wall of the original building, before the extension was added. We want this also to be a feature, but after we removed the old plasterboard, a howling gale was found to blow down through this gap.

…and during…

We decided to fill the gap with insulated plaster board – in three layers – to ensure that the gap was properly plugged. After I played jigsaws with our insulation off-cuts, Mike will come to skim this array in the next week or so.

The new fire door on floor 3

Whilst I was shuffling pieces, Mike was installing a fire door on the third floor. This will enable us to move between the two buildings, yet the staircase will still be a suitable fire escape.

…has now been fitted.

Smug, Mike? Never!

Between floor 0 and 1, the stair case widens, leaving this ‘excess’ to fill

We then turned our combined efforts to a few twiddly bits. Here, we decided to make a shelf in this area…

Filling the gaps under the window board

… so after I trimmed the window board and Mike and I installed it, I rescued bits of dressed slate to ensure the board will lie level…

Void between floors 1 and 2

…whilst Mike fixed plasterboard off-cuts into the above gap in the plastered wall of the staircase, so that this can also be skimmed next week.

Our pattern seems to have changed from working on the bathrooms to us working on the walls, which means Mike will be able to plaster in a clean sequence coming down the stairs. I don’t think this can carry on much longer though as we will need to get back to doing the bits Mike is trying to avoid – perhaps by next time we will have changed our approach…

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