Getting whiter than white…

The unbelievably dry and sunny spell of weather continues, so my apologies to those who might be feeling a little cheated regarding their weather at the moment.

We have had a surprisingly busy and productive couple of days since I last blogged.  Yesterday, in spite of our schedule telling us what we should do, and despite the very tight schedule we need to follow if our restaurant is to be open in July, Mike erected the tower in order that we could paint some of the upstairs windows because this good painting weather is simply too perfect to miss.  Whilst it is true this is not, strictly speaking, essential before we start our catering operation, it does make the building look substantially more cared for, so we have decided to be rebels and repaint the sash windows regardless of deadlines.

We're getting there...
We’re getting there…


Gosh it's a long way down
Gosh it’s a long way down










Gill is still with us, and she and I have now removed lots of old wallpaper, painted several window frames plus the white panels on the porch of the ‘real’ front door and the overall effect is very impressive.  Adrian has helped with both the gardening and the tower.  Mike has put up plastic sheeting to limit the spread of dust and then knocked through from the hall into the restaurant, whilst I have finally finished digging and planting a new flower bed which contains many of the plants very kindly donated by a near neighbour.

In the early evening we discussed the possibility of marking out a labyrinth on the lower level lawn, using the brick pavers to define the meditative path which would also serve to provide a structure against which we could landscape the area.

Today we continued to paint the window surrounds and moved the tower, and were joined by two new helpers,  Jean who helped with the landscaping and Dick who helped with the tower.  Meanwhile Gill has wire brushed and then painted the ‘water damaged’ wood burner from the bar, which is now looking so much better than it did this morning.

Thanks to all for their help, but also the many words of encouragement we are increasing receiving from locals and visitors alike – it really is beginning to feel like this mad adventure may be a venture into the possible.

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