Great news!!

This will be a brief blog, because I am very tired… (I know, I can hear your violins playing from here).

Mike and I have been running the show on our own for the last couple of weeks whilst Jane was on holiday, so I have been in the cafe every day. Mike has also spent a lot of time in the cafe, but has managed to escape to do some little (?) jobs around the place, now that we are open as a hotel!

Not that we are complaining, you understand. It has taken us the best part of 10 days to connect our web pages, and our booking platform to, but we think we finally achieved that earlier today.

In the meantime, we had guests on two of the floors this weekend and a very busy cafe, so we might need to have a little sit down this evening.

Much more importantly, and in the words of somone you might have heard of a while ago, we are a grandmother! Our eldest daughter Charley and her husband Damien made us very proud grandparents earlier today. We welcome Edward to the family and congratulate all involved in a happy outcome.

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