Great news…

So little news – and yet so much!

In summary, I have moved a lot of plants from the area we placed them in last January as we now have a vague idea of where we will be planting them.  Since many were propagated from plants growing in our Norfolk garden, we recognise some may expire with shock at the rainfall here, but thought it worth the chance.  So I have moved them, partly to acclimatise them to their final location, but mostly because it gave me sufficient space to sort them by type, so I can see what we have and work out what to do with them.

Mike has fitted a radiator into the restaurant along with some display shelves for our lovely tea collection; made (with considerable assistance from our daughters) some posters to advertise the Mouton night; and put the drip rail on the kitchen door.

But this is all trivial compared to our big news.  On Monday, which was Jane’s day off of course, Mike and I were cooking and serving in the restaurant respectively when the Environmental Health Inspector arrived.  Cue slight panic, since we had expected Jane would be here and able to answer questions about her routine when he came.  We managed to explain as best we could, and are delighted to report that we will shortly be receiving our hygiene rating of 5.  Its not that this came as a shock – clearly we designed and built the kitchen, and created our working practises, with a target of 5 in mind; but it is such a relief that we can now begin to write the next chapter as Plas moves from a grading of 1 under the old management to a 5 with our new team.

Shortly (i.e. when the postie brings it) one of these will belong at Plas!
Shortly (i.e. when the postie brings it) one of these will belong at Plas!