Great strides from little steps

Over the weekend, we had a great evening of music with Jabberwocky, and you can see that

…we were moved to dance by Jabberwocky’s excellent music

We are still feeling particularly up beat at present as we can fully restart our labours.  When I last blogged, we anticipated getting the green light for the staircase and I can confirm that this arrived yesterday.  We had to phone our architectural designer for a translation of the ‘builder’s speak’ in the email, but she confirmed that we can now proceed and even re-sent the approved plans to all parties so we are all working to the same diagrams.

For those who have lives to lead in between checking our progress, I offer a brief recap.  We have been waiting since January for the detailed drawings for the new staircase.  The first time they arrived, we began the demolition work and discovered that some of the stud walls on floors 1, 2 and 3 were partly structural, so the plans had to go back for revision.  When version 2 plans were received, Mike and I marked up the position of the stairs in the stairwell and discovered that the space available for the stairs was 40mm less than shown on the plans.  Fortunately, we found this out before the joiners had started to build the stairs, so all work could be halted whilst the professionals consulted over a solution acceptable to all.  We are now totally committed to the concept of the third time being the lucky one!

So earlier today we read and re-read the plans to ensure we got the dimensions right!

Mike measuring once…


…whilst Jane shows off her tan on her return to the cafe


Mike was anxious to get the measurements right as the trimmer timber was really rather expensive…

Mike preparing to cut – a nerve-wracking time!

but you will see that he was successful first time.  The stairwell now has two large pieces of timber ready to support the stairs, at the height to support the platform which is stair number 6.

The trimmers are in place…


… and Adrian helped installing the bolts to keep everything rigid

So, the right hand platform at stair 6 can be supported but we also need to support the stair 9 platform, so an additional trimmer needs to be created:

Now adding the section to support the platform at stair 9…


Carrie drilling the guide holes for the next bolts to go in

After we had done this, we needed to add noggins in certain places to ensure the edge of individual stairs can be supported when they have been installed.

Trimmer in place and ready for inspection

Well, that feels better – it’s good to know we can get on with our project timetable.  No doubt Mike will let me know tomorrow what he has planned for the next few days, and I shall continue to sneak out into the garden every chance I get!


2 thoughts on “Great strides from little steps

  1. YESSSSSS!!!
    I bet you are rather relieved to be able to progress with the staircase at last?
    Jane is looking horribly healthy, but there’s no way she got that tan in sunny Wales!
    Hope all continues to go well for you all. Hope Jasper is well too.
    Take care all

    1. Spot on – we are so relieved. And yes, Jane does look like she had a great time in Minorca with her sisters and families. Jasper is ok but ageing steadily. Hope all is well for you, and that you are having better weather than we are! All the best

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