Greetings from Plas sick bay…

Ok, so, for those of you who haven’t had this recent ‘flu bug, feel free to count yourselves really, really, lucky.  Now I stop to think about it, Mike and I have been fortunate to enjoy broadly pretty rude good health since we arrived in Wales two years ago, but that has now stopped.  I first felt lousy last Tuesday and we are now on Sunday and I still barely have energy to get out of bed, and the pressure in my head is still unrelenting.  I bet that is just want you all wanted to read!

During last week, Mike, Yvonne and Julie carried on bravely without me.  You can see below that they pared down the existing first floor landing, cutting away old stairs now surplus to requirements…

Preparing to lay the first floor landing

…and then built a supporting structure onto the landing, ready to take the weight of the next flight of stairs.

Support for the next first stair…

Here is the same area seen from a different angle, which may be clearer.  You can kind of see now that the stairs arrive up to the right of the newel post, and the landing will then take people along the back wall, and they will then walk up to the next floor when stairs are attached to the structure to the left of the hole in the floor.

Nearly ready….

Here you can see that the landing has been floored.  In case it isn’t obvious, by the way, the floor to the bottom of the photos is being left in place so that Mike can plaster the walls as we progress upwards – that flooring will be stripped out as soon as the stairs from floor 1 to floor 2 have been completely installed.

Ta da! Landing in place

Glad that’s clear.

Anyway, sadly I now have to break it to you that this was the situation on Friday, by which time Mike was looking a little pasty and Yvonne had an impressive cough.  By Friday Mike was signed off from doing anything tricky. and by yesterday I think only one of us was still up to thinking at all.

Please bear with us as we try to get over these infections and, just to ring the changes, wait to hear back from the architect as we have a little niggle of a query that needs resolving before we can progress further….

Here’s hoping you all manage to stay healthy!

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Plas sick bay…

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    Hope you are all starting to feel better! This has been an awful winter for all kinds of lurgies and such like everywhere.
    Glad to see the progress on the stairs though.
    Take care & Get Well All.


    1. Thanks Kim. Getting better, surprisingly slowly. You don’t think it might have something to do with our advancing age do you . . . . ? Hope all is well with you, BW CArrie

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