Half term is upon us…

..which means Mike and I, very happily, are busy catering to guests rather than bashing the building about. On top of which, the weather here has been so wet and windy, it hasn’t been safe to even think about doing the roof. So instead, some more photos of our lovely break in Thailand….

Here we are in front of the view from one of the Thai restaurants that Carrie’s brother and sister in law took us to…

…and here we are at the same restaurant, after our visit to the elephant sanctuary, but with the coconuts growing on the tree behind us.

Back in the real world, and despite the very wet and windy weather, Teg has continued to come with his owner to give Lola her extra walk each day, for which we and she are most grateful.

Just in case you want to check out the family resemblance, above is my big bruvver Mike (centre) with his twins Max and Emma…

…and here we have my sister in law Yuko with their youngster, Mia. All of them are fantastic hosts to whom we send very grateful thanks for a magnificent holiday!

Great memories – but probably back to normal properly next week….

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