Half way up the stairs is the stair where I sit

Before I start this blog proper, I wanted to share with you how challenging it is to climb to floor 2 of the extension at the moment.  The old narrow stairs were removed a couple of months ago, and we are currently part way through installing the replacement set, so at the moment I have to climb a set of steps – not a problem – to scramble between two floor joists set 400mm apart centre to centre – a bit more problematical, being quite a snug fit.  Luckily, I don’t often need to access floor 2 at the moment.

Current stairs to the second floor

A couple of days ago, I needed to climb up since we had to raise the old floorboards (see below) because part of the old floor is where the new landing needs to be.  When the master builder didn’t need his apprentice trainee deputy under-builder, I nipped up to play with the wrecking bar and lift lots of boards so that we can better see what has to go.

Floor 2 that needs removing to make way for floor 2 landing

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mike installed the second landing for this flight of stairs into the corner you last saw with the plaster drying off.

Second platform for stairs from floors 1 to 2 now complete

Having put the platform in, we next had to prepare the stairs.  First, we fitted the two newel posts (1 each at the top and bottom of the flight) which needed trimming to fit,…

Next flight of stairs taking a rest – waiting for the glue holding the newel posts to dry

…then glued the posts in place, and then lifted the flight into position, levelled it and screwed it in place.  Easy peasy (?!)

Second flight of stairs between floors 1 and 2

So we currently have 5 of 8 flights installed, which takes us slightly beyond half way which, as we all know, is the best place to be on a stairway.  This takes us to the end of today’s achievements.  In addition to the building work, we were quite busy in the cafe yesterday, with me acting as waitress and Mike having to drive to Llandudno for stocks for the Easter weekend.  It is somewhat ironic, then, that today was a lot colder than yesterday and rather quieter, so we still managed to push on with the stairs.

The stud wall visible on the right hand side, part plastered, now needs to be extended across to the left hand side

Our next challenge, which we probably won’t start until Wednesday, is to complete the stud wall above so that the floor 2 landing can link to it.  Looking at it another way…

This view was taken standing with my back to the view seen above.

for the other end of the landing, we will need to pull down part of the old floor (including the joist slightly left of top centre).  Once they are gone, we can fit new joists and joist hangers to support the platform of trimmers which will ultimately support the landing and thus the third flight of floor 1 to 2 stairs (the sixth of eight sets we have to install).  Only 3 flights of stairs to go before this part of the project is almost done – even thought these is quite a lot of serious building work to do before them.  I hope you are keeping everything crossed for us!

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