Happy Mothers’ Day

Here’s hoping that all mothers (and fathers) have had a lovely day today, and that all their children enjoyed making the day that little bit special. I count myself very lucky that most of our children managed to make it to North Wales for the day, but confess that it wasn’t the most relaxed Mothers’ Day I have enjoyed. Instead, Mike and I shamelessly dragooned our young adults into helping undercoat the woodwork in the floor 2 lobby, painting a couple of ceilings, and moving various items to another floor. After all, the carpets arrive on Thursday…no panic here….

We started to mist coat the floor 2 lobby

Earlier this week, the lobby to floor 2 was skimmed, so once this dried out we began the mist coat painting.

Alex busy painting the edges

Whilst that was drying, we painted the first colour coat onto the walls of the rooms on floor 2 – I wielded the roller, and Alex painted the edges.

Now the first coat is on the walls in the lobby

Bedroom 2 floor 2, with ceiling papered and painted

Shaun has papered the ceilings. People will be walking around on the floor above so we all thought the ceiling needed a little reinforcement. In two rooms, the ceiling paper has now been painted once…

and this papered ceiling awaits the first coat.

…and in one room the paper was installed today so it needs to dry out fully before I paint it tomorrow. We still have a surprising amount to do before Thursday, when painting needs to be finished before the carpets are fitted…

One of our planters is maturing nicely

In between all this frantic busy-ness, we took a moment this afternoon to enjoy the above planter. The Pierises (Pieri?) in the front are clearly enjoying themselves. Mike gave me a couple of Garrya eliptica last year for my birthday present, one of which is in this planter, and it had magnificent tassels all winter. I am hoping that it will put on a bit of a growth spurt this summer, so that it can begin to clothe the walls of the manor.

Smoke from the Siabod fire, visible from Plas

and, if you look carefully, you can see the flames at the crest slightly to the left of the house over the road.

On the less lovely side, the fire that we had reassured some friends was on the far side of Moel Siabod, and thus no danger to us, has crept around to our side. In the picture far above you can see the smoke Mike noticed whilst he was walking the dog. When we went out to photograph this, we could see flames (just about visible in the shot above). The grass fire apparently started near Betws y Coed around 4.15pm on Friday, and it would seem it has burned through the moorland near Llyn Elsi to our side. It was thought it was under control on Saturday, so we have notified the fire brigade to be sure someone knows about this, and let’s hope this is put out soon.

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