Happy New Year / Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb!

There’s just time for a quick update before we all move into 2021. We had a very quiet Christmas with Pips, and have resisted the urge to do any work… except…

…we had a dusting of snow last night…

…which was quite unfamiliar to Lola, who enjoyed giving it a thorough exploration.

Sadly, our firewood supply had run very low, so we needed to cut some fuel despite the snow. The wood cutting worked perfectly, but shifting the wood back uphill to Plas proved more problematic.

Blue Max, the motorised wheelbarrow, got half way up this hill (which is astonishingly steep) before deciding to skid sideways and give up the ghost. Pips reversed our small car into place, but didn’t notice she had overshot the brow of the hill.

So we started the rescue by pushing our car back up hill, until it was safe to try pulling Blue Max up to join us.

All’s well that ends with all abandoned tools back home, is what I say.

Tomorrow we promise to take the day off, and we will be back with more to show you next year. Let’s have some fun, everyone – we all deserve some fun just now.

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