Have some fun for Comic Relief, anyone?

It’s Thursday now, and five days have passed since last I wrote…

As the end of January has come and gone, I have spent some time finalising accounts for the month and paying the VAT etc.  Mike, meanwhile, continued to concrete the labyrinth pavers in place.

A part concreted, part filled labyrinth
A part concreted, part filled labyrinth

We have each worked one day as the cook in the café, and will do the same tomorrow and Saturday, which seriously cuts into the time available to work on the building.  But with the time we had at our disposal, Mike has already filled the labyrinth path with slate waste to almost level.  We now await delivery of some slate chippings and then it will be finished!  Of course, we will be adding a path from the drive to the labyrinth in due course, but Rome wasn’t built in one day…

Mike, trying to look nonchalant in front of the camera
Mike, trying to look nonchalant in front of the camera

Meanwhile, I have been removing the wallpaper from two rooms in the extension and throwing out the old carpets.  As a reward for completing this task – all size rooms on floors 1 and 2 of the extension are now cleared out ready for building works to commence (and one bonus room almost cleared out) – I have started on the landscaping around the labyrinth.

So, shall I carry on photographing Mike at work, or continue planting ...?
I know it is raining, but shall I carry on photographing Mike at work, or continue planting …?

All of which has been a sort of displacement activity as we still don’t have drawing for the next phase including the stairwell.  ‘Frustrated’ just doesn’t cover it!  We really will start the next phase proper just as soon as we have the plans, along with the Building regs. approval.  Arggghhh.

On a  slightly different tack, we have decided to do a couple of things for Comic relief.  Anyone interested can soon either pick up our ditloids quiz (which we hope will make you laugh as well as groan when you work out the answers) from the Spar shop in Dolwyddelan for the donation to Red Nose Day of one pound, or will be welcome at Plas on Friday 24th February when proceeds from all cake sales will go to the same charity.

On a more recreational note, last Monday we went to a local auction house, and found a  beautiful 3 piece set of bedroom furniture (a 7′-plus wardrobe/clothes press; a knee hole dressing table; and a 4’6″ wooden bed frame) advertised at a wonderfully reasonable price.  As we were busy on Tuesday, we left a written bid that wasn’t high enough, but we are now even more certain that we will seek out auction furniture when redecorating the Manor rooms in future.

Oh and apologies for the delay in posting – what I thought was a massive computer problems turned out to be us needing to buy more storage for the host site – all done, so now the blog post includes pictures too!