Honours, even!

Just time for a very brief catch up on the last couple of days.

Yesterday I was busy with domestic duties as we have a couple of friends, Gilly and Tim, with us for the weekend and so rooms needed preparing etc.  Meanwhile, Mike fixed the drip bead around the new door, ready for rendering on our next dry day, and then began to construct the stud walls that will separate the new stairwell from the restaurant.

Are you sure these walls will be square?
Are you sure these walls will be square?

Today we have been enjoying local walks and good food with friends.  Which all pales into insignificance against our big and surprising news today which is that, tucked away in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in the diplomatic section, was an M.B.E. for my big brother Michael Reed “Former Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce, Republic of Korea.  For services to British business in the Republic of Korea.” So proud, so humbled.


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