House guests galore

The weather held last week and stayed dry, so we continued to paint.  As you can see, the front wall had been reduced mostly to render, which we stabilised twice and now painted in new livery grey.

Yes, I do still do some of the refurbishment work…

We found this easier to do from the ladders rather than the scaffolding tower, but obviously it was easier still from terra firma (or balcony, if you want to be picky).

…which you can see much more easily here.

Mike joined in towards the end…

Nearly finished

,.. and soon we found that the job was almost over.  Which was lucky really, as our guests were due to arrive about 5pm on Friday night, and the painting was paused about 4.30pm!

The front now repainted

Our family friends arrived, along with my sister and brother-in-law, on Friday evening.  On Saturday Mike visited his girlfriends in their hive and nicked the better part of their work output for the past year.  He has left one base and one super of honey behind, but he tells me they still made a very good fist of trying to discourage him from taking anything away from them.

The proud honey midwife

Mike is thrilled.  Last year (our first year as beekeepers) we had two frames with incompetent honeycomb full of honey.    This year we reaped an entire super – that’s 10 frames – full of honey.  The exact yield has still to be ascertained, as Mike has spun the majority of the frames but we still need to filter and bottle it.

And the reason for this delay – the Bommeljes.  Long story short – below are three of the four sons of my mother’s Dutch penfriend, with their wives.  My parents and their parents became firm friends, and we are all hoping that this friendship continues to the next generation.  We had a great weekend catching up on recent (and not so recent) activities and family news…

Our house guests this weekend

…and then we introduced them to a Plas cooked breakfast which, after days of the more familiar sliced meat and cheese breakfasts, may have been a bit of a shock.

…enjoying a breakfast to set them up for the journey home

As we might have completed quite a lot of primping and tidying up before they arrived, it was good to note that Martin’s photograph from the river edge perhaps shows some progress for the hard work over the past two and a half years.  And no, it’s not on fire – the puff of smoke to the left of the building is from the real fire in the cafe.

Martin’s photo of Plas

So with the Bommelje’s departure earlier today, and Uncle Tim returning around lunchtime, we are hoping that refurbishment progress will return to normal this week!

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