How are the mighty fallen

For two days we have been replacing windows.  Two whole days of my life scraping out old putty; pulling out teeny weeny nails; levering out old glazing panels; and finally scraping out even more putty to leave a cleansed aperture.  Mike then swans in with his new glass and new beading and silicone gunk to fix the new pane in place whilst I carry on scraping out old putty.  Of course it wasn’t really that dull: occasionally I got to make coffee too!  Or even hold things whilst Mike routed them.  Oh, and I held the door whilst Mike cut out and then filled part of it to mend a break which looks to have been in place for several years.  Perhaps one day I might be worthy of promotion from builders mate….

On the plus side, we have finished replacing glass – for the time being.  The bay window end of the bar/restaurant is now re-glazed, and looking much better for this, and the remaining glass in the restaurant and corridor will have to wait for another time.

Our other exciting news is that some of our trees, which have been overhanging the 11,000 volt power lines, were removed yesterday.  You may recall that I posted a couple of pictures of the woodland.  One of these showed how a couple of conifers on our land which the fellers estimated to be around 25 metres tall had substantial branches over the lines.  We have had many meetings this year with folk from Scottish Power (responsible for these power lines), from the felling company; and from the National Park (who need to approve any such felling within the Park) to agree their plan of action, which initially involved just taking down two of our trees, and a number from both of our neighbours.  In the event, they removed four of our trees which you can see lying on the ground in the pictures below.  It looks like we will have enough firewood for the next couple of winters, which will be very welcome – but first we have to work out how to get the logs from where they have fallen back over very hilly ground to our house.  Well, you know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention – I feel sure we will be able to construct some Heath Robinson affair to solve this in due course.

It was quite exciting though – they brought their own generator, as they had to take the power lines down (for Health and Safety reasons, you understand), and we couldn’t believe that even though there were four blokes with six chainsaws between them working only about 150 paces away from us, presumably because they were over the brow of the rocky hill, we couldn’t hear a thing!  Here’s hoping all of this activity and temporary power loss didn’t disturb anyone else unduly.

Notice the space cleared around the power lines
Notice the space now cleared around the power lines


To give you a sense of scale
To give you a sense of scale
The trunks, ready for chopping - one of these days
Some of the trunks, ready for chopping – one of these days

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