How to demolish bathrooms in one easy lesson!

On Saturday, Mike and I disconnected the water supply to the baths, sinks and loos to two en suite bathrooms on floor 2 and removed the fitments.  They will be featuring on a resale site any day now, as I am sure original avocado fitments with one careful owner must be of interest to someone!

Mike doing his Hercules thing…
… not sure where he put the bath but clearly he is ready to carry on…

I then stripped off any remaining wall tiles, taking only a small pause to help Jane when a large group of horse riders and their grooms stopped by for lunch.

On Sunday, after church, we decorated the cafe in preparation for Christmas.  Next weekend, we will fell the huge tree that will take pride of place next to the existing stairwell – anyone wishing to help decorate the tree will be welcomed with open arms!

Yesterday, I returned to demolishing floor 2.  The remaining tiles and plasterboard came down, and I began to cut through the ‘stiffening’ wall on floor 2.

Plywood stiffening wall in the process of being demolished

Long term readers may recall that our original plans had to be adapted last year when we found that some of the stud walls (usually non-load bearing) were stiffened with plywood (so bearing some load).  The plans were re-drawn to enable us to remove some of the stiffened walls and then rebuild them in a different location, allowing rooms to be remodelled.  Removing the plywood was slightly concerning as we know, temporarily, the building will be less robust.  We are thinking if we tippy-toe around very carefully, and avoid standing side by side on the higher floors until we have replaced the stiffening, perhaps everything will be ok!?!

Back to the wall – the in-wall insulation was removed and kept for reuse, and the plywood and studs were removed.

One reciprocating saw and a few hours later…

Mike, meanwhile, was cooking up a storm in the cafe.

Ta da! All gone!

Today we both returned to floor 2 and finished removing the plywood wall, followed by lifting most of the floor boards from the two en suites and removing the insulation.

Time to start lifting the floor boards

I then used a broom to push the floor 1 ceiling down (very satisfying!) whilst Mike cut through the joists because these all need to be turned to rest on the new wall, once we have built this in the desired place.  We also lit a bonfire to get ride of the plywood and old floor boards, and played target practice throwing the refuse sacks into our rubbish bin.

So the wall has gone, and the floor boards are up and the ceiling is down – I wonder what happens next…?
So, now you see the plywood wall on the floor below, ready for us to start all over again…
I don’t think we really need these joists – shall we just take them away for a little while?
Well that’s really quite a big hole – I wonder what we should do now?

Oh, and this afternoon we broke off for an hour or so to cut some firewood, as the weather forecast suggests we could be deep in snow by the weekend!



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