I’m not bragging, but can I tell you about our first honey…

News regarding building maintenance:

For the last few days, I have continued to work on painting the front door.  The two-colour (black and white) undercoat is now complete (although its elegance is slightly marred by drips) but I don’t plan to top coat until after Mike has rendered the adjacent wall.

Mike has been working hard to make and fill a couple of raised beds for me so, on my next day off, I suspect I will be doing a lot of planting up!  He has also built some new furniture to improve the layout of the kitchen; and has begun the mammoth task of cutting firewood from the trees felled this summer.  Yes, we know we should leave it longer to dry, but needs must…  In addition, we have had a very productive chat with a couple of local labyrinth enthusiasts, and hope to move this project forward shortly.

On Saturday Mike had a day off, which happened to be a sunny and relatively still day.  This gave him an ideal opportunity to visit his bees to check how they have settled in and specifically whether they are prepared for winter.  To his delight, one hive has created sufficient honey that he felt able to remove one frame, so on Sunday we tasted our first ever Welsh home-made honey on toast.  Yum yum!

Our first honeycomb harvest
Our first honeycomb harvest

News regarding the restaurant:

We are pleased to report that we continue to be visited by both locals and visitors.  Many from each camp comment very favourably on Jane’s delicious baking, and today I am happy to report that Mike’s Hungarian mushroom soup was also highly commended by all who tried it – including Mike, which is saying something as he won’t normally touch mushroom soup!  Clearly the secret ingredients worked their magic.

Over the coming week, we will be mostly focusing on the restaurant, to ensure we make best use of the revised layout of the kitchen, with Mike continuing to chip away at his list of jobs and me continuing to work on the End of Year financial papers.

News regarding Welsh classes:

Oh my, I felt my age on Friday!  The classes run 9.30am – 1pm.  We revised last weeks’ work, and introduced this weeks topic of asking what people would like to drink (Be’ dach chi isio i yfed?) and understanding their response.  I felt I was hanging in there just fine until about 12.30pm, when I suddenly hit the wall and everything I thought I had learned in the lesson flew (embarrassingly) out of my head…  But I am delighted to report something must have stuck: it was lovely today to overhear two people discussing what they would like in Welsh – and  finding I could understand them before they translated for me.

And did I tell you about our lovely honey?  Just in case you missed the previous photo:

See how yummy our honey looks!
See how yummy our honey looks!  Isn’t nature wonderful

News about Mouton:

I can now confirm some details for November 26th: the evening will start with doors opening at 7.30pm; jacket potato and chilli (with vegetarian option) will be served around 8ish; and Mouton will play their Gaelic folk set around 9ish.  Tickets will cost £8 per head: please book early as seats are limited.