I’m ready for my close-up, Mr de Mille.

We have now reached the time when we need to block between the joists that are resting on the block work. Turns out it is surprisingly difficult to squeeze up through 405mm gaps to continue the blockwork! And that’s before you consider the narrower joist gaps as you approach the walls. Next time (if there is a next time!) we will know to do this slightly differently…

Last Monday we took a day off – I know -how radical is that!?! We nipped up to Anglesey and here you see me on Benllech beach, which was absolutely wonderful in the spring sunshine.

On return home, we needed to finalise the top of the wall that joins this building project to the old building. Turns out the retained wall, a solid slate wall below modern brick upstands was of “interesting” quality. We have had to remove some bricks (where a mere puff of wind would have knocked them off) and replace them over rather more mortar to ensure it had the requisite strength to support what goes on next…

…and we will sort out the far wall here in a day or to, so there’s nothing to see here…

Having sorted the bricks, that still leaves the void between the two lines of bricks to resolve. We added the closed loop to join to lines of bricks, so that when we fill the void with concrete next week, the concrete can’t escape.

Below you can also see that we have finished the wall on the front left of the buildings. We know roughly what we need to do here next but will need to wait until the amended plans arrive to be absolutely sure.

We are now clocking off for the weekend so that we can look after our guests. Before we down tools, we thought we would share some news. Yesterday we met with a film producer who was looking for a down-at-heel hotel to use in his film. Part of us is upset that people still feel the building gives the impression that the hotel is down at heel – only in certain lights, surely?!? Part of us is looking forward to being surrounded by luvvies and meeting a few famous people. It may all come to nothing, of course, but we will keep you informed!

2 thoughts on “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr de Mille.

  1. Yes, an exciting prospect but a below the belt comment considering the work you are all putting into your hotel.
    Beautiful day on the beach well earned as always.
    Happy Mothering Sunday to all you Mum’s, best wishes Julie

    1. Don’t worry Julie – we took no offense – from the road, as folk drive past, you are considerably below the level of the hotel and the major thing you can see is the roof and, in particular, the facia boards which do need replacing one of these days – it’s not until you get into the car park that you can begin to see the work we are putting in.
      Many thanks for the Mothering SUnday wishes. Take care, love Carrie

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