In the pink – again

This will be a quick blog as I have other things I need to be doing… no surprise there, I suspect!  Now Strictly has finished, I can concentrate…

Sound insulation in place

Mike has finished putting in all but two of the door frames on floor 3, whilst Alex and I have blocked out the tops with studding, insulation…

More door frames in place

…and plasterboard.  Mike busy working away….

Mike in ‘action man’ pose

oh well, I guess someone has to be behind the camera!  Lola has been a fantastic support.  After I had cut the skirting to fit, Mike glued it in place and Lola nudged it into final position.

Lola helps with the skirting…

Mike and Alex fitted the architrave around the door, with Lola getting excited every time the pin hammer was used.

and now Lola helps with fitting the architrave

In the entrance hall, which abuts the fire-rated stairwell, we have used fire-resistant foam – such a lovely shade of pink, which enables building control to confirm we have used the right stuff.  And now that is finished, it only remains for Mike to plaster over the plasterboard which he did earlier today.

Plasterboard in place

I meanwhile still have a couple of essays to finish before I can focus on the building work again.  I hope to manage one more blog before the big day…

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