Into every life a little rain must fall…

…and as we are in north Wales, we receive more than just a little, as a rule. I use the phrase here as a metaphor / simile / whatever this iterary device is called to introduce the wildly disappointing news that we received last week. We had one of our regular visits from Building Control, and Building Control was not entirely happy with a couple of things.

On a minor level, in the wall we had rebuilt, our insulation will need trimming back as it runs too close to the end of the wall. Minor detail. More major: the last two lintels are not suitable – apparently they will form a cold bridge, so after all the effort of getting these fabulously heavy items into place, we need to get them out. Forgive me if I wear my unhappy face for a moment. I know we can fix this – but my goodness those lintels are heavy, getting them safely out and onto the ground will not be simple, and I would much prefer not to have to go and unpick our previous work! I mean one could argue we should have got it right last time, but these are fine judgements and…. let’s not look under that stone too much.

Before we start going backwards, Mike wanted to continue forwards and install some of the floor joists. Below you can see where we have bolted wood to the steels, and then hung joist hangers from the wood, and its all beginning to look even more like a building site.

This is just a closer look at the joists and, in the distance on the left hand side, you can also see one of the lintels that need removing….

The weather forecast for the remainder of this week is wet, so it is likely we will hang up our hammers now until after the festivities are over. In the meantime, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and that everything you might be wishing for arrives in the New Year.

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