Introducing our daughter, the deacon!

There will be a little bit about our refurbishment project later, but for know I wanted to share details of last weekend with you all. Below is Lichfield cathedral (near Birmingham) where we congregated last Saturday to watch Pip….

…being ordained by the Bishop of Lichfield…

…as a Deacon.

After the solemn moments we enjoyed some more relaxed time together…

…including this one. We had another go so that the semi-retired and new reverends could be photographed together…

…where I think keeping the brother out of the background worked better.

Herewith the beautiful ordination cake made by Izzy which is also in the background of the photo below…

…where Pip’s other brother got in on the act!

Proud parent moment over: now back to the building work. The front step has now been finished!!

I know this is rather thin pickings but (a) we have been busy celebrating and (b) we are rather stuck with the foundations. Turns out we have to dig a little deeper, basically until we hit rock, so Mike and I are on displacement activities until we can get the man with the big digger back of which – I hope – more next time.

2 thoughts on “Introducing our daughter, the deacon!

  1. Congratulations Pip, you have grown into a beautiful and tall young lady, made your parents very proud, your parishioners will love you
    For some reason the pictures disappeared but I saw all the ones with Pip,
    Best wishes to everyone

    1. Hi Julie
      It is lovely to read your comments – but this one in particular is lovely. You are so right – Pips has grown into an adult I barely recognise, but who we just know will do good things for her parishioners. Here’s hoping she enjoys this new life,
      lots of love Carrie, Mike and family

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