iphonely we had some pictures to share…

HI everyone.  We have a slight technical hitch tonight.  Mike’s smart phone has thrown a comprehensive wobbly, which even the phone companies support network cannot resolve.  It looks like the phone is proper broke.

Trouble is, all our pictures, carefully taken on the phone and stored on the cloud, are temporarily inaccessible.  We have spent quite some time tonight trying to get them onto our PC totally without success and have decided it would be more sensible for us to give up and have a relaxing evening than continue to battle with forces that are pretty much beyond our ken.  Well, they are certainly beyond mine, although Mike has far more patience with these things than I do.

So, thumb nail update – Sunday and Monday we were working in the cafe.  Tuesday we cut and fitted the trimmers for the floor 2 landing and Mike did lots of important tweaks whilst I had a meeting in the afternoon.  Yesterday, we put the sixth flight of stairs in place, with Dick’s help for the hoisting and lowering section.  Today we had a day off – no, really, well okay we might have done a few useful things (two shopping trips, bit of help in cafe – you know how it goes) but essentially had a more relaxing day than usual.  This was prompted by my having an appointment with a physiotherapist who said I really should find another job…  No, seriously, it looks like I will need to start a proper warm-down routine at the end of our building works to avoid muscle tension building up.  He managed to relieve quite a bit of it today with some savage but no doubt very therapeutic leaning hard on various bits of muscle.  Shame it will be another couple of weeks before the next appointment!

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