Is this the beginning of the end…?

I love all my children equally, obviously.  But today I might just love one of them a tiny bit more as I am hoping he has found a way to resolve our IT problems.

In case it has not been painfully apparent, I have not been able to post news reliably since 9th July, since when I have occasionally been able to log on, and sometimes even compose a post, but not actually post it.  And at least one of the ’emergency’ posts that we have been able to organise in the meantime (calling in favours from various different people still able to get access) has appeared in note form which was not, I suspect, very valuable for anyone to read!  As the same server also supported our work email address, we have not been receiving these, so I send my profound apologies to anyone thinking we are deliberately ignoring them – I can assure you, this is a technological nightmare, not an episode designed to infuriate those who know us.

To keep things as smooth as possible, I will keep this first post short so as not to overtax anything, and thereafter hope to return to regular updates on our successes and trip-ups on the path to upgrading this fab building and its grounds whilst also providing delicious nosh in the cafe.  Overstating things, moi?  Yn sicr nid!

So a couple of weeks ago now, we decided to tackle a stand of about 6 larches that stood at the top of our ‘cliff’:

The cluster of larches partly obscuring the view…


… have been lightly pruned

We now have about one remaining, really quite wonky, larch and rather fewer fir trees than we did a few days ago.  This necessitated a good deal of work with the chainsaw, and some very careful footwork to ensure Mike didn’t slip 20 feet down, so I didn’t begrudge him a short rest afterwards.

…after which Mike needed a little sit down.


In the house, we have continued to dismantle the third floor, but as you have already seen lots of photos of this, I won’t bore you with them now.  I have also had a ‘moment’ whilst in the grounds.  The photo below shows the view up-hill from just outside the cafe


The rock is beginning to be more visible

and below again is a rock that I began to expose when I tried putting a fork through a tangled mat of grass roots, as I tried to tidy up the grounds.  As you can see below, it turns out that just below the weed mat there is a beautiful piece of rock, so I have spent the last week or so gradually re-exposing this (further photos to follow in next posting).

It was like pulling off old carpet.


So that’s five photos and some text.  I will try to post this now and hope all works…..


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