Is this the end of the beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end?

Good evening, all.  Update time, so pin back your lug’ oles as someone used to say.

On the work front, we have completed a number of smallish projects over the past few days.  Mike has cemented the lobby floor, with most of it level to the internal floor level, and a small section sloped downwards towards the front door, to try to contain any driving rain that might come straight in under the door.  I should perhaps let you know that today’s weather has been testing this theory very well – gusting winds and rain being driven towards the building – and things seem to be ok still.  He has also tarmacked the new manhole into place; patched the concrete floor by the fire exit to the restaurant; repaired panels within the ceiling; put decorators caulk into all gaps in areas I have undercoated; and managed to get all of the lights in the bar working.  Meanwhile, I have finished washing the ceilings (yippee!); finished the current undercoating; cleared through the restaurant to remove clutter; and vacuumed through the hotel.

The restaurant-to-be, looking a little lighter, but not quite finished
The restaurant-to-be, looking a little lighter, but not quite finished

On the non-work front, Pip arrived on Thursday to collect the car we found for her a couple of weeks ago, and when we had finally taken delivery of the log book earlier today, she left here with something of a smile on her face this afternoon.  As she stayed over yesterday evening, she and I had a quick shopping trip to Llandudno and on top of an uncharacteristically large pile of impulse purchases, I now have a new outfit for her graduation on Wednesday.

This afternoon, as the rain was strafing the building, I re-drafted our work schedule.  We have achieved quite a bit over the last nearly seven months, but there remains a scarily long list of tasks to complete over the next 5 weeks.  That notwithstanding, we are having tomorrow off and will not think about this again until Monday.  On the other hand, we are a tad more relaxed since yesterday when we took delivery of two sample tables with chair combos which we assembled last evening and tried in the restaurant today.  Pip had advised on the paints we purchased last week and vetoed one of our choices, but if we say so ourselves, we now think the furniture and colour scheme will look rather good together, so we hope you will come and check them out some time.

Can you guess what it is yet?
Knit one, pearl one anyone?

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