It was raining…in our drying room!

Following rain last weekend, Monday found us drying the new roof with cloth and then painting the grey resin on first the edge moulding, and then the remaining roof.

Once that was finished, we returned to the inside job of reglazing the bay window, since rain was forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

You can see here that I was stripping the paint off the window frame and then the window, whilst Mike worked to release the pane of glass. Having removed a lovely thick pane of Victorian glass…

…we have put it to one side in case we can find a use for it at some point in the future. It seems criminal to break it when it has survived the last 140 years, even if we do want to double glaze these windows.

Whilst we were doing this, the rain had started. We checked below the new roof before our evening meal and all was fine, but when we checked again just before bed time…

…we encountered a deluge of water in what will become the drying room. We put these buckets below the many drips, but water was coming in so fast that the pink bucket filled in approx 30 minutes. We studied the ceiling carefully and as you can just about see below, the drips were more like streams than drips…

…so we realised we needed a plan B. After much head scratching, we removed the protective covers from the drains that used to serve the gents loos; we drilled holes in the bottom of two mixing tubs; and then we propped the buckets (using the bricks you can see) above pieces of guttering which ran from the tubs into the toilet drainpipe.

We then stood and watched it for a while until we were happy this would work overnight. I won’t tell you about the water ingress into two other rooms because we wouldn’t want you to think we had dropped too big a clanger, but those rooms were also suitably bucketed up.

On Wednesday during a temporary lull in the rain, we got back onto the old roof. We had various ideas how to tackle the problem, each one varying slightly depending on why we thought the rain was getting in. Eventually we settled on the plan to try first following the principle of first, do no harm.

You may remember that the new roof has been put over about 35% of the old roof, but they are still attached. We think that water was getting under the top of the tarpaulin still over the old roof, then running over and seeping into the old roof (which is no longer waterproof, hence the tarpaulin) and it was this water which was falling into the house.

We raised the height of the edge of the tarpaulin by about 4 inches close to the wall, and then put a tent of tarpaulin from the higher roof over the end of the tarpaulin…and are delighted to report that this seems to have worked.

We only need a temporary fix because, as soon as planning permission is granted, the ‘old’ roof will be knocked down.

When that situation settled down, and the rain stopped, we were able to return to the digging out. We have nearly dug through to the level we need…

…and only a relatively small amount remains to move on Monday.

Now we are having a much needed weekend off before returning to the glamour of more digging.

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