It’ll soon be Christmas…

Last time, I showed how we filled the enormous hole with concrete, and we now need to complete the foundations. Mike, kindly, thought this was beneath my dignity and set me to work clearing the concrete base so you see me trudging across with part of the scaffolding platform that had randomly been left in place for months…ladies, just asking, but is it always your job to do the tidying up?

Less contentiously, Mike had now built shuttering on top of the concrete, so that we can direct the rest of the foundational concrete into the right place.

Have you seen our cunning depth gauge? The horizontal piece of wood confirms the ground level whilst the vertical piece indicates the depth we need the concrete, but is also marked up for the ground beam depth and height so that we can ensure everything goes to plan.

At this point, I had cleared down the old floor and was now operating the concrete mixer whilst Mike and Niall were responsible for collecting the mix in the wheelbarrow and placing it where it was needed….

…starting with the furthest rear right and gradually working our way towards the front left hand side.

As we turned the corner, you can see that the shuttering is not yet complete, because we needed Niall and his muscles to dig the trench a little deeper before we added the concrete, once the height had been confirmed.

Let’s leave the men to it and watch the woman at work…yes, I know its not the most flattering shot ever, (especially with those reactive lenses in my glasses), but needs must when you’ve got people waiting for barrowloads of concrete. Now we thought you might like to see just how cold it was on the day…

…yes, if you look really carefully, that’s lumps of ice coming out of the hosepipe!

The day after, we had a light dusty of snow on the car park which then persisted for over a week whilst the country dipped into icy conditions and Siabod…

…was wearing her winter coat again.

With snow on the ground, we retreated indoors for work. There is now only only one more pair of curtains to complete, but you can see below the empty thread spools that bear witness to us having used over 3.5 kilometers of thread to make the curtains. We also show the empty roles on which the fabric arrived so you can gain a sense of the scale of the undertaking…

…and the scale of the spare fabric – so if anyone needs lined curtains in green or silver grey, do drop us a line…

Before you send too many congratulations, I will let you know the picture below, taken of the river Lledr just before it thunders past Plas, was taken by Wendy but, let’s face it, its a wonderful shot.

As this might be my last blog before the big day, I thought this would be a good picture to sit above the words – we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year treats us all as kindly as we deserve, which may well be a improvement on this one.

3 thoughts on “It’ll soon be Christmas…

  1. Merry Christmas to you both, Carrie & Mike.
    We hope 2023 will be kind to you and you make good progress on Plas, with no more hidden surprises in the coming year.

    Kim & David

    1. Hi Kim and David, Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2023 will be a great year for us all. And thanks – we agree about the photo,
      7All best wishes, Carrie and Mike

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