It’s a dog’s life

Mike has been plastering away recently but, honestly, I feel you have seen enough shots of drying walls for a while so let’s have a look at something else instead.   Alex (seen below) is our new young assistant and we set about creating proper paths around the raised beds.  This was done partly to create a barrier to prevent weed infestation of the beds, and partly because we had about 5 tonnes of slate chippings surplus to our previous requirements which needed to be disguised somehow.

Alex starts working on the raised beds

Whilst we were having a coffee break one morning, I could hear some wonderful bird song.  On careful looking, we found the culprit singing through the piercing on the decorative facings on the gable ends. (You might just be able to see the beak peaking through the lower ‘leaf’.)  It is a delight to us both that the roof and eaves houses large numbers of birds at this time of year.

Watch the birdie!

Since Jane worked a long weekend last week whilst we were at the wedding (did I mention that we had a great time?), she took a long weekend to re-balance, which means we spent three happy days working in the cafe.

Then on Monday the scaffolding arrived,  It has the unfortunate effect of making Plas look even more shambolic than usual, but it should enable us to improve the paint job.  Last year, we stabilized some of the white paint and over-coated it with our choice of grey paints.  Unfortunately, already some of this is peeling so we have reluctantly concluded that we need to remove all the old paint, stabilize the render, and then recoat from scratch.  Sadly, we need to remove the paint by hand since mechanical removal is likely to damage the surface of the render, so I think you can guess what I will be doing for the next 6 weeks or so!

The scaffolders got started on Monday
…continued on Tuesday…
…and finished earlier today

…but at least I have Alex to give me a hand with the painting now!

The raised beds are looking a little better now

Above you can see that we finished installing the paths around the raised beds this morning.  Here’s hoping that the rain, when it comes, doesn’t wash everything away.  As you can see, a lot of our grass is all but dead having now had no rain for weeks and weeks – not something I thought I would be saying in North Wales!

Lola is settling in

For Lola’s fan base, I include a shot of the little treasure.  Seriously, she has all the makings of a lovely dog, but Mike and I are both very sleep deprived.  It is over 30 years since we have had a puppy, having previously had rescue dogs from about 3 years upwards.  Lola at 8 months, and a border collie to boot, is a total bundle of energy and seems to have no concept of sleeping beyond about 4.30 in the morning.  But how can you stay cross with such an adorable soul?

4 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life

    1. thanks – not totally enjoying it myself, but must be over in 6 weeks whatever!
      Am deeply envious when I read your email blog posts – sounds like you are really living the life!

  1. Hi Carrie,
    I cannot believe North Wales has gone without rain for so long! It seems that apart from this year, it has rained for at least half of every holiday Ive ever has there and that’s a fair few over my 50+ years.
    Lola is obviously keeping you on your toes. Collies are hyper aren’t they?
    The raised beds look really good. I hope the weather holds out for you whilst you re- do the paint work and you don’t have any more problems once it’s done.
    Take care
    Kim & David

    1. I know – madness! But two raining days in the last 5 means the pattern is beginning to break and the grass is grateful. we hope to catch the good weather – just a shame the scaffolding will be in place over the summer hols, but we will have to live with any consequences as we must get the rooms open… Hope things are going well with you and yours, Carrie

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