It’s all becoming clearer now…

As I promised last week in our ‘refurbishment summary report’, here is the photo I managed to take of our new roof. It may not look much – as we have reused the old slates, and deliberately included odd tiles so that it doesn’t look outrageously new – but it’s watertight, and likely to stay in place for a little longer than the last one.

Now that we have a fully functioning roof, it was time to make sure it was fully insulated. Below you can see the double layer of insulated board required between the timbers, and then we continued insulating in some places just to make sure there can’t possibly be any drafts.

When we got to the far end of the corridor, we found a couple of lightly rusty RSJs within the ceiling. On investigation, we found these lie just beyond the roof we have refinished, and clearly the part under which they lie is still leaking. As we will be pulling that roof off entirely in about 6 months, we have slapped some insulation in here, and expect to pull it down, rather waterlogged, later this year.

Occasionally, taking a break from working on the ceiling, we continued replacing the double glazing panels. Since we moved in, this corridor has felt kind of grimey, as all the glazing panels were misted up (see left and right of the panel Mike is working on). Now, it’s astonishing how much more light comes into this hallway.

Back to the ceiling, and you can see we also finished off pulling down the plasterboard on the old back wall….

…and then removed the glazing from the two doors (which all but fell out, as it was only held in place by beading), cleaned them thoroughly, and then reglazed these doors – this time actually using mastic to hold them in place and make them watertight.

Julie and Yvonne are staying with us for a couple of days, and they have very kindly put a priming coat onto the beading.

Back to the ceiling: this time we fed the electrical cables through the ceiling before inserting the insulation roll and replacing the plasterboard with, as you can see, many hands making light work…

…both at the beginning and at the end of the corridor.

By the end of the week, we had pretty much finished one half of the ceiling. Only half is being plaster boarded because we need to do major work on the slate wall in the next couple of weeks and want have a clear view of what we are doing!

In the middle of all this, Yvonne and Julie’s dog, Fos, found possibly the warmest place in the building to make her temporary bed…

Now it’s time for a quite weekend off, of which more news next week.

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