It’s Friday night, so it must be blog o’clock

Yesterday we had a couple of appointments first thing.  Mike met with someone to discuss septic tanks, which has become something of a saga here, and I met with a vacuum cleaner salesman who Mike had met back in January and suggested he call back when we were nearer to opening.  I am not sure which of us had most fun but suffice to say since then I have been checking the availability of quality vacuum cleaners on ebay, and Mike has opened discussions with another potential supplier of effluent handling systems.

Mike then finished the guttering over the bar whilst I made an emergency dash to the shops since we had run out of bananas which, as some of you will know, brings this house to a standstill.  We then did the bravest thing we have done for a while.  We spent the evening listing the jobs necessary before we open the restaurant, and calculating a revised schedule so we could check our estimated opening time.  This required a very steady nerve, and the ability not to mutter one word out of turn which could have set either one of us off into a prolonged sulk.  Luckily, we think it should still be possible to open in July, but now definitely likely to be the closing half of the month.

Today saw us check our new schedule against actual performance.  I worked with Adrian to undercoat the outside of the new windows in the restaurant.  Meanwhile Mike moved the wood burner away from the wall, and began work on repairing the plastered wall which had been badly singed due to the burner being incorrectly sited, and then researching options for a new chimney flue, fire doors and other consumables we need to order, like, yesterday.

Honest guv, only quality products here





And after all this, I turned my hand to a little light gardening as relaxation, as we have several guests this weekend, and I wouldn’t want them to think we have just be lying around the place doing nothing.

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