It’s Mike’s turn…


As Carrie is taking her ease, being fed peeled grapes on the sofa, I’ve been given the honour of doing today’s blog.

Not too much to report on the building works – we’re still tidying up from replacing the windows around the end of the (soon to be) restaurant, rubbing paintwork down, repairing and filling doors, putting up gutters and the like.  Friday saw blocks and sand delivered ready for the blocking up of doorways ready for the embryonic kitchen to take shape…more of that next week.

The rhododendrons are starting to flower in the valley, and they are a riot of reds, yellows and purples

One of our neighbour's rhododendrons
One of our neighbour’s rhododendrons

So, as it’s a bit quiet on the news front, I thought today would be a good time to start my occasional series of horses with moustaches.  The tally to date is two, one is Woody who lives in the field next door, and the other is a horse from the local riding stables – both rather distinguished. I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for more, so keep watching this space.

Here's Woody
Here’s Woody
This one is not Woody
This one is not Woody

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