It’s raining again…

…which is surprisingly unusual so far this year.

As we approach the end of January, we are pleased that progress is still being made, and rather less pleased that the plans for the next phase are still not here.  We understand that the Building Regs chaps requested some elements be re-drawn and understand these are with them now so are hoping for positive news early next week.

In the last few days, I have continued to be rather destructive.  I have pulled down a ceiling:

This has become:
This area which will be the entrance to the staircase has become:



so that we will be ready as soon as we get word that we can measure for the new staircase.

Meanwhile, Mike (having pretty nearly run out of jobs) has been much more constructive.  He has started haunching in the bricks of the labyrinth, so that they should be relatively stable when we finish this path by infilling with slate waste and then landscaping the area

Just starting
Just starting


a little further along the next day
a little further along the next day


Yesterday the old boiler was repaired whilst I was at my ‘dosbarth Cymraeg’ so we are rather warmer than before.  In the afternoon, I vented further urges on two of the rooms we are gutting.  The lovely furnished room I posted on Monday has been reduced to a shell, with the furniture either given away or reduced to firewood; the carpet cut up for disposal, and the walls getting some attention:

Why did they stick woodchip paper on quite so firmly?
Why did they stick wood chip paper on quite so firmly?


Mike has been making inlays for a customer from our previous lives, so we haven’t bothered taking photos of this.  He also had to remove the hydraulic motor from the digger which drives the left hand track, as one of the keyways is worn – a similarly non-photogenic activity!

On the more exciting news front, during our Welsh conversation hour on Thursday we were visited by about a dozen cyclists who were wet and muddy.  They seemed to enjoy our welcome and complete lack of concern regarding the dirt, so we are hoping they will pass the word back to their activity centre on Anglesey and that we might see more of them and/or their colleagues in future.

I also managed to finish off the left hand edge of the grass path/flower bed – so as soon as the grass starts growing, we hope this path will look slightly less worn.

blah blah
By the summer, this’ garden’ should be worthy of a quick glance or three from any of our visitors interested in gardening.