J’a door this time of year!

The cafe has had its annual makeover for the festive season, and no doubt the presents will arrive under the tree soon.

And now the first of our three trees is in place.

It is thanks to our daughter, Charley, that the decorations are more extensive this year, as she has a lovely eye for design.  She also has a Sprocker spaniel puppy, Morgan, who visited with her and, as you can see below, trod in the paint tray whilst Charley and I were distracted.

Can you guess who was helping with the painting?

We cleaned the floor, and his paws, and carried on painting the mist coats in floor 3 and left Morgan to get over the excitement…

I think we have worn Morgan out…

…because, of course, two puppies in the same house do find ways to wear themselves out.   During her days here, we had several boats of lovely play between the two puppies, followed by periods of recovery…

..perhaps both of them.

On Thursday, we took delivery of several new doors and fire doors so that we can begin to finish the last of the building works in some rooms.  Below you can see the first new door fitted onto one of the en suite bathrooms

The first of the new doors has been fitted

which has now had its first two mist coats and sits ready for proper painting, when the building works are finished.  And no, the cling film on the toilet is not to embarrass people, but to keep the paint off the new fittings!

Second mist coat has been nearly completed

We also took delivery of our 2 metre extension handle for the painting and I had a go at mist coating over my head.  This worked pretty well, but my glasses did get very spotty.

The ceiling above the stairwell really is a long way up…

Unfortunately, the glazed fire doors that will sit between the suites of rooms and the fire-rated stairway will not be ready until mid January, but at least that gives us plenty of time to fit the fire doors to the rooms and the ‘normal’ doors to the bathrooms.

Still painting

I have agreed with Mike that I won’t start the final painting until all the doors are in place, since these doors will enable us to contain any dust that may be raised elsewhere in the building, given that we will end up with each floor at a different building stage, we think.

The second door is now in place

Below we see Hercules about to perform one of his labours…

Mike is measuring for the third doorway

but it does feel like progress is still being made.  Next week will be a bit of the same, but with new architraves and skirting boards thrown in for good measure.  All this and Christmas shopping too – what more could a woman dream of?!?

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