Joist the job…

Today I start with a brief recap.  21 months ago, we purchased Plas.  Last year we completely refurbished the old bar into our new cafe.  The intention was, this year, to refurbish three floors, each with 3 bedrooms, to create 3 suites of rooms comprising 2 double bedrooms and one sitting room. So far, so simple, you might think (like we did)…

A significant delay has occurred in getting detailed plans for the installation of an additional – fire rated – staircase which took 3 forms.  Firstly, the plans had to be re-drawn when we found some stud walls were actually load bearing.  Secondly, the plans had to be amended when we found that there was not enough room for the staircase as drawn.  Thirdly, the first set of stairs delivered were not made as per the plans.

Last week we finally, and successfully, installed the first 2 flights of stairs.   This week, we are working around the discovery that the large network of pipes carrying water both into the cafe and to the three floors above are precisely in the way of the trimmer required to support the next flight of stairs.  Whilst we plan how to manage this, we are diverting to complete other tasks.

Room 5 as was

Firstly, we have returned to building the stairwell.  This room is on floor 1 and you can see the stud partition, then the plywood, then the fire-rated plasterboard being used to create the fire-resistant stairwell, and also stiffen the building.  This shot was taken this morning: by afternoon, the view had become one of unbroken plasterboard.

Mike lifting floorboards on floor 2…

Then we switched to floor 2.  Mike began lifting floorboards, because we need to remove the joists (currently running East-West and supported by a wall which we will be coming out) and replace them with ones running North-South.  Whilst Mike did this, we considered it was probably a good idea if I was working elsewhere, so…

Who needs this wall?

I began taking out a partition wall in a nearby bathroom which needs to be removed to create a corridor space.  This photo was taken around lunchtime: by the time I stopped at 3pm you could step through this wall into the bath beyond.

Floorboards gone, so now to remove the ceiling below…

Having lifted the floor, and rolled up the insulation mat in case it can be re-used, Mike started to see if he could persuade the ceiling to un-attach itself from the joists.   A few (relatively) gentle taps with the wrecking bar made some impression,

…nearly done…


but we found some more definite engineer’s taps did the business mere seconds after this shot was taken.

Tomorrow I have Welsh class (and hope one day to learn the vocabulary to be able to tell people what I do all week!) but will then return to help Mike rearrange the floor joists between floors one and two.

2 thoughts on “Joist the job…

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    First of all, congratulations on your 30th Anniversary, hope the celebrations went well.
    Seems like you are managing to crack on a bit with the demolition and refurb, and you have stairs – maybe not all in place yet but you have them at last.
    Saw the video on the” book of the face” tonight, of the river thundering along. It brought back memories of sitting in the cafe during the very wet few days we were there in June.
    How’s Jasper doing?
    Meant to comment on the last couple of posts, but had a self-imposed laptop ban as I decided I was spending too much time on here & getting not a lot else done! (read ” a lot else” as
    300+ Chrismas cards to be made by the middle of November!!!)
    Take care both.

    1. Hi Kim, Good to hear from you, and thanks for your kind words. We had a lovely time with family and we know how lucky we are to be able to say that. We are still making progress, but both finding it curiously frustrating that the stairs definitely seem to be set to try us – a total case of one step forward and about 17 back much of the time. But we soldier on, and are (usually!) enjoying every day. Jasper is fine – actually doing quite well now Mike has largely replaced his medication with turmeric (as golden paste) which seems to be working miracles.
      We both send our best wishes for the Christmas cards – your task makes ours seem quite do-able!
      Every good wish to you and yours, Carrie

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