Aerial photo of the newly completed labyrinth


We have created a labyrinth composed of paving blocks and slate chippings in the lower garden.  Please feel free to walk the labyrinth at any time and enjoy what we hope will become a tranquil area once the landscape planting has taken root. The labyrinth nestles at the foot of a steep rock face, and is close to the lower car park and also to the River Lledr.

Labyrinths have been used for hundreds of years as an aid to walking meditation.  You enter the labyrinth from the single entrance point and follow the one curved path to the centre. This path could be considered an allegory for life: as you travel, you will closely approach your ‘destination’ – the centre – and then move further away; and later, possibly when you are not expecting it, you will arrive at the centre.

If you are not familiar with labyrinth walking, you may find the following useful:

A Journey into Clarity

1. A Place to Start – pause for a moment to set your intention – the labyrinth may take you to places you don’t expect. As you stand at the entrance, take a deep breath in and out, fully and naturally. Let your breath be a guide for your life in this moment. Chose to leave some feelings and needs at the entrance before you move on – ask yourself what distracts you from being present in this moment and listen carefully.

2. On the Journey Inward – find the pace your body wants to go – be aware of your body as you enter the labyrinth. Continue to breathe deeply, releasing each breath slowly, and become aware of any tensions in your body. Try to relax and just trust the path you are on, noting how this path compares with your life.

3. At the Centre of Life – stay in the centre as long as you like – this is your life – what is it trying to tell you right now – are you listening? If you get distracted, don’t feel guilty – it is OK, but breathe slowly and deeply until you come back to this moment. Notice the thoughts, feelings, images and questions shaping your journey at this moment. Give thanks for your gifts and receive them, now, without judgement or reservation.

4. On Your Way Back – consider the possibilities – when you feel ready, begin to follow the path out to the entrance. Pay attention to your body – don’t rush, but find the pace your body wants to go. Gain strength with each step, considering how you could weave into your life any insights you have received in this time. Let this time be an opportunity to be encourages. As you exit the labyrinth, offer a ‘thank you’; take a deep breath, and go into life!

The construction team, during construction of the labyrinth