Let me just trumpet our success a little more…

It’s been a relatively slow few days in our efforts to restore the old manor.  So I will start with a pretty picture….

The view about 9am today
Our view about 9 a.m. today


Our boiler man announced on Tuesday that he had finished the installation of the new boiler; flushed out the entire hot water system; re-laid out the pipes in the boiler room (curing a couple of leaks as he did it); fixed the leak in the immersion tank; replaced the air bleed valves (which you may recall failed spectacularly a couple of months ago); and installed a new flue onto the boiler.  Unfortunately, one of the gland nuts was split, so we had to call him back later in the week to replace that.  I am now happy to confirm that the task is finished, and Mike is now able to lag the tanks and pipes and perhaps conserve the heat rather better than has been possible up to now.

I have finished painting the wall adjacent to the front door, and Mike has finished top coating the outside of the door (since it was dry today, but I was elsewhere), which is lucky really, as I don’t think there will be too many more reliably dry days coming up in the near future.  Mike has installed exterior lights by the door, and on the path from the car park, so that now we are in Greenwish Mean Time and evening arrives shortly after 4 p.m., it is still possible to negotiate the path to the house successfully after sunset.

All evidence of recent building works finally erased by a nice clean layer of white paint
All evidence of recent building works finally erased by a nice clean layer (or two) of white paint




I have also planted quite a few bulbs in the planters and pots around the front, and been to see a sign writing company about our needs.  Otherwise I have been unusually busy with meetings (or at least that’s what I tell Mike, to explain my lack of productivity!)  Today was the usual round of Welsh class in the morning, and shopping for groceries in the afternoon, whilst Mike swanned around here putting up shelves and things, and then going to check on his ladies (aka the bees).

I feel the need for another pretty photo:

Our view about 3pm this afternoon.
Our view about 3 p.m. today

As rain with some wind is forecast overnight and into tomorrow, I wanted to share this with you, since the next shots might not be so colourful.

The café had a very, very busy day on Tuesday, followed by three unusually quiet days.  If only we knew how to even out the demand….  In the meantime, we have decided to hold a quiz night in early December, and another music night in January – watch this space for further details.