Let’s hear it for the Mountember eventers

In our exhausting world, both Mike and I need to learn to take more down time.  The main problem is, every time we agree to do so, we still find something irresistibly interesting about doing the next task, whatever it might be.  I am delighted to report that Lola obviously doesn’t share our problem…

Someone seems to have made themselves at home

Last Thursday and Friday, I have spent a little more time in the garden, weeding beds I laid out last year.  I have been sort of avoiding them, as we planted lots out in April, at a distance from the building that made it impractical to try to water them during the 6 very hot, dry weeks we had in June and July.  It is great to find that far more of these plants have survived than I had hoped, but I’m not going to share any photos with you at this stage – I still need to do a lot more weeding before I am ready to be that rash!

One of the unexpected pleasures of our current lifestyle is that we get to meet some really interesting people in the cafe.  Today, we cooked breakfast for 10 wonderful people, all of whom are ‘walking for stroke survivors’.

Mike in his knitting-pattern-modelling stance (circa 1974)

As you can see below, they have a pressing /punishing schedule.  We hope that the Penaeldroch breakfast fuelled them all the way up Snowdon (assuming the weather permitted this, as it has been a bit wet here today).  We packed them off with a selection of Jane’s yummy flapjacks as our contribution to their selfless endeavour, and hope that they filled a gap after all that walking.

Even the dog is walking off in disgust due to this stance…

On the refurbishment front, the second bathroom is coming on apace.  Whilst I spent yesterday gardening and then off to a meeting followed by shopping in Porthmadoc, Mike made a start on plastering the bathroom. Tomorrow he hopes to continue with the plastering whilst I find something else to occupy me.  I say this as, although I would love to continue with the gardening, the weather forecast makes it look like I would be blown into the river if I tried, so perhaps I will look for an indoor job.

The ceiling, one wall, and the window reveals have been plastered

We have also had a couple of visits from friends of long standing this week (noting most are younger than we are).  Firstly Jeanine and Lucy from Newmarket popped by during their stay in Ruthin, and yesterday Sally and Trevor who we know via UEA dropped by as they returned from Ireland.  It was such a shame that I had to dash off, but it is really good to be able to keep in touch in this way, and we look forward to anyone else who fancies dropping by to visit.

The other thing I need to move on is the front facade.  We finished pressure-washing the old, flaky paint off on Friday, but now need to wait for the render to dry out.  Unfortunately, it is not ready yet, and as it is likely to get very rained on on Tuesday, it may be another week before we can finish this off.

The front face…

Fortunately, I usually find there are one or two things to keep me busy, whatever weather conditions we are enjoying.  Here’s hoping some of them are worthy of photographs.

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