Life is good – we are building again!

We had had enough of digging foundations. Fortunately, Building Control said ‘yes’ so its time to start rebuilding!

We put the pink ‘contractors line’ in place so that it passes over the centre of the crosses marking the centres of the pads for the steels…

…ensuring it was accurately at the correct height, and allowed sufficient space either side for the blocks to go in.

One day later, the first layer of blocks was in place and looking pretty tidy…

…and on day two, Mike had a ‘little endorphin moment’ when he put the spirit level down across these two walls and found they were absolutely level – whose a clever boy then?

Above you can see me working on the pointing between the blocks, and below…

…having put the mortar in place, gently tapping the block accurately into place and ensuring it is square and true.

Clearly I left the heavy work to Mike: after all, each of these concrete blocks is over 25 kg.

Planning ahead, we spoke to the electricity supplier and told them we will be erecting a steel frame within metres of the electricity supply cables. They sent an operative around this morning to put a shroud over the cables to keep us all safe during the construction work…

…and earlier today Mike concreted one of the pads on which the steel will stand whilst I had my Welsh lesson. As there are five of these pads to make, all at precisely the same height below floor level, this first one was the simplest. No doubt there will be much calculation and sucking through our teeth when we cast the next four.

And finally, (as Reginald Bosanquet used to say, I am proud to show you the beginnings of some art works going into the stairwell that serves the current guest suites, where we had left the evidence of a blocked-up window in the old back wall. The artist Debbie Baxter (see or facebook Debbie Baxter) is painting a view on these four panels. Below you can see the bottom two panels…

…and here the top two panels. I wonder what else she might be putting into the paintings?!?

In summary: two happy bunnies here as, after nine months, we are finally rebuilding again. Work on the load bearing walls is going well. Attempts to order the steel frame still ongoing – oh my goodness, this is turning out to be very complicated. Here’s hoping we are still as upbeat next time I write!

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