Lightening our darkness…

To remind you – late last week, we were beginning to run out of materials for our refurbishment project. One thing we could carry on with was painting these windows…

Above we see the windows in the long corridor from the inside…

…and here from the outside. When these were put in, ca. 1980, they were stained dark mahongany, which tends to cast a gloomy light into the corridor. So on Friday we started with the sanding and priming, and have now moved on to undercoating them all, which we should finish tomorrow. I did the priming coat on Friday and Saturday, and Mike started with the undercoat on Saturday. We had only one can of acrylic primer/undercoat which fortunately just lasted (and I do mean just) long enough to prime everything. Mike then started undercoating from a can of conventional spirit-based undercoat, and within about 3 hours I was feeling really peculiar. Maybe I have just painted too much over the past few years, but we think the fumes must have affected me, so I am temporarily off the painting detail.

Today, whilst Mike carried on with the undercoat, I was despatched to do some weedkilling, and then to clear the cloister garden.

This ‘path’ is accessed via a door from the long corridor. In our refubishment plans, this door becomes a fire door and thus people may need to travel along here in a hurry. When we arrived, this area was full of junk over a loose slate path and the rock face was overgrown. Last month, we set Alex to dig out the approx 6 inch depth of loose slate chippings which revealed a black plastic membrane below – and today it was my job to pull this up. The plastic came up as easy as you like, but clearing the chippings away from the edges and the base of the rock really took some time. On the other hand, we are delighted at how much better this area now looks – this photo really doesn’t do it justice! When we are able to buy stuff again, we will put a weed proof mat down to help disguise the trench near the building, cover with a very few slate chippings, and position a small number of well chosen plant pots to provide the finishing touches.

Here we see the internal view (photographed at 7.30 at night, and the window board which has not been painted as this will be replaced when builders’ merchants reopen)…

…and here the external view. We have a little gloss paint in stock, so while the weather holds will continue with this.

Tomorrow we will be painting. Thursday I have negotiated a special day to complete all those irritating little jobs we have been swerving for the last year or so, and then it will be the Easter Weekend.

I really hope that you are coping ok with the current restrictions. I know it will continue to be a strange time for us all for some little time to come, but I hope we all manage to find something to do this weekend to make it a little different from the ordinary, and that we can all have a peaceful and emotionally enriching weekend.

4 thoughts on “Lightening our darkness…

  1. Looking good Carrie. That corridor is looking so much lighter already. I’m off out into the garden this afternoon whilst the weather is good.
    Hope the lockdown doesn’t go on for too long so that you can get back on track again.
    Take care

    1. Thanks – we are also hoping to carry on as long as possible, as thios place is a bit depressing to live in if we are not moving it forward. Here’s hoping your garden is looking great – and hope you all take care – hoping to see you all again on the other side of this one day.

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