Little to see here: version 2?

Last time I wrote, the wood shed was finished and the approach had been partly dug – and it still remains to be dug because we are, thankfully, extremely busy with the accommodation. On the plus side, daughter Pip has returned from her training activities earlier this week and…

…decided to get stuck in and help. She started stacking the firewood we created whilst dismantling wooden furniture, structural timbers, decking, balcony railings and so forth, filling the store about a quarter full, but there is plenty still to be shifting…

…from the old bin store, which we must empty and then demolish before we start working on the next set of accommodation suites. I have a certain amount of anxiety now that we may have built our new woodshed slightly under capacity!

The other job we have tried to progress is the removal of flakey paint from the turret. Below you see how it was a fortnight ago and below that…

…how it appears after several hours of dedicated additional work.

Yes, I know: not much to show for all our efforts. It looks like we may have to have a rethink, and perhaps stop trying to pick some of this paint off the wall, because it certainly seems reluctant to move.

In the meantime, it’s back to laundry duties for me, and hopefully I will be in a position to update you on our progress again in about a fortnight.

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