Lots of white painting for the Whites

This week, I have been mostly painting – no, really – and Mike has been doing the things he hates by which I mean he has been doing the little fiddly bits, the finishing off.

See the stained window surround…

So I have been priming and undercoating the surrounds for the Velux windows..

…which now look a little whiter.

Then, because I had the primer and undercoat on the go, I started to undercoat the skirting boards and architrave…

Skirting now undercoated.

…but it might be quite difficult for you to see. There is plenty more still to do, but at least we have started!

Nearly a bathroom.

Meanwhile Mike has installed the loo and sink, and is now finishing the door construction for this bathroom on floor 2.

We had a visit from the building inspector last week, which went very well. His only ‘negative’ comment was to note that one door on this bathroom needs to be a fire door. Fortunately, he mentioned this before we had started to work on it, so are happy to confirm that we will be ordering an additional fire door for this purpose!

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