Love, peace, and the importance of measure-twice-cut-once

How exciting: our guilty pleasure this year was even more fun than usual.  Not only was the scoring system amended for the Eurovision Song Contest which kept us all on the edges of our seats until ridiculously late on Saturday night, but also the interval song was the best parody on the ‘Love, Peace’ song style I have heard in a long time. Since I have no desire to run a political blog, I will side step the question of whether it was fair that Ukraine won given that Russia had been a favourite and it was the public vote with its much more visible input this year which upset the apple cart (although someone in the house was seen voting for an eastern European country…)

On Sunday we had intended to have a quiet day.  I pottered in the polytunnel potting on a few seedlings whilst Mike unpacked more of his ‘economy’ (i.e. build-it-yourself) bee hive.  By lunchtime, I had been co-opted to assemble some of the supers.  Let me paint the picture for you: the two of us, at our certain age, sitting outside at a table in the continuing sunshine, occasional conversation, occasional cuppas, working together to a make a home for wild animals. Ahhhhh, or as our children might say, hurl. One hive now complete.

Today we planned to replace the double-glazed units in 6 windows and 2 doors in the bay window which form the fire exit from the bar/restaurant.  We initially progressed really well after Mike watched a Youtube video about softening old putty with a hot-air paint stripper, so I operated the heat whilst Mike applied the brute force and soon we had removed 2 fogged windows, 1 crazed door panel and what turned out to be a single-glazed panel.  We cleared up the apertures and Mike then cut the new mouldings and applied glazing silicone sealant to one of the apertures . . . and then found to his horror that the new glass was 2mm too wide and 1mm too high! There followed lots of gnashing of teeth and Mike muttering under his breath about the accuracy of the tape measure he had wielded and the idiot who measured the windows,  but I want to reassure everyone (a) it is stunningly rare that Mike makes an error in his DIY and (b) he has worked out how to rout a larger gap in the frames so that the glass will fit.  Unfortunately, no matter how often I tell him it’s not a problem, more a learning opportunity, I’m not sure he has been able to forgive himself yet, so I guess there will be more muttering tonight. Apparently, half the glazed panels are the right size, and the other half are a new right size so it’s all about whether you are a glass half full or half empty sort of a person?

Now, in preference to posting a picture of the scuzzy windows before replacement, or the temporary solutions we currently have in place (as we are entertaining tonight, so need to stop early to cook), I am posting a picture of part of the woodland and will explain more in the next post.

A snap from our woodland
A snap taken in our woodland



See the trees, see the power lines
See the trees, see the power lines













P.S.  Does anyone need a new tape measure, lightly used, possible accuracy problem?

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