Making connections

The corridor refurb continues…

We have bolted the toilets for the ladies to the floor, but now we need to connect them up to the water.

Whilst Mike was doing this, I primed and undercoated the skirting boards in the accessible and gents toilets.

Mike then started connecting the sinks and toilets to the cold water supply…

… and has only one more -the last toilet in this phase- to connect up.

Whilst Mike did all this, I have been busy with other matters. We welcomed guests in the suites last weekend, for whom we are profoundly grateful, and this has left me with plenty of laundry to process. In addition, if I say so myself, I make a pretty good second mate – passing Mike tools, cups of tea, consumables, – but that’s not worth any photographs. I have also been busy this week clearing out stuff left by the previous owner as well as our valuable possessions (?) from the area in which we will be working in the new year. I am astonished how much stuff needs to be addressed- and believe me, we will not be showing you any photos of that stuff!

Don’t forget to tune in next week to find out about our recent auction purchase…

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