Making progress on three fronts..

To remind you: last week, worrying quantities of water had run into our drying room, and we were in danger of the plasterboard on both ceiling and walls needing replacement…

…so we decided to go a bit belt and braces on this one. We pulled back the tarpaulin, and then cut two slots very close together out of the old roof. Here you can see the slot topside…

…and here you can see it viewed from the bathroom below, after I had pulled away the old ceiling. The problem we thought we had was that water was somehow getting into the old roof, and was then being wicked along below the new roof, where the water ran into the plasterboard. After checking inside the roof of the boiler room carefully, we thought the water was running along metal strips between the stramit boards. After cutting the slot, it seemed rather that water was running along one (really rotten) joist which ran above one of the metal strips and was then fanning out along other metal strips from there.

We cut back the rotten wood, and then drilled through the metal strip so that – we hope – we have interrupted the water flow, which should now drip through the holes rather than run on under the new roof and into the plasterboard. We then placed a large sheet of damp-poof membrane over the roof, and then replaced the tarpaulin. We are wating for a decent shower of rain to test the system, but we are hopeful we have cracked it.

You can see that Lola is completely relaxed about the whole thing!

On to our next project: here you can see that we are trying to make a step.

Last autumn we put these old fire escape stairs in place, to enable us to walk directly down to the lower garden, and we painted them last month. Below them is a slope that falls 4 metres over a 12 metre length, so it’s a pretty steep slope to walk.

After a bit of sucking through our teeth, we settled on a particular size for the steps, and also on the appropriate angle of the joining step, that means the steps will end just at the heap of spoil you can see below – we are aiming for the tree in the middle.

We had bought enough wood to make four steps, to test our theory, so had to stop whilst we waited for more wood to be delivered.

This meant Mike had run out of excuses to keep avoiding repairing the window for the drying room. I don’t say this lightly – Mike knew he was prevaricating, but I couldn’t blame him as this was a very challenging problem. The bottom part of the window, shown below, was almost entirely rotten and he needed to fashion a new part from scratch.

I cannot tell you how very impressed I am that Mike managed to trim the solid block above to size and then rout various lines to create this little beauty. We put the window in place and after a little judicious sanding it fitted… perfectly.

Just look at that workmanship!

Earlier today, all the newly glazed panes were back in place and waiting to be primed before the rain comes next week.

We are stopping for the weekend as we are lucky enough to have guests staying at present. Hopefully I will be able to update you further next week…

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