Man (or woman) the bat-tlements for progress!

As we prepared for this blog, we were still undertaking all those jobs we had been avoiding whilst we awaited permission to start the next phase. As a consequence, we have Shaun in again, here painting the prep room to the kitchen, before returning to painting the main reception room in readiness for a family wedding party later this year…

… whilst Mike and I were installing the handrail required on some steps we created last year. We have recycled the metal rails which we found buried on site, and…

…after screwing it to the rock, and then pouring just a little concrete at the base of the upstands to hold everything firmly in place, this job could be ticked off the list.

We continued to work on the front porch by adding some slate tiles…

…which we cut to create a recess for the door mat, to ensure it doesn’t move around in use.

These tiles have all now been grouted and, once it is fully dried, we can do the final clean down and then add the doormat, along with the warm welcome.

We then returned to the steps to install two safety lights, one on each side of the corner here. This was not as simple as it might look, because this wall is the outside of the boiler room. Poor old Mike had a lot of crawling and climbing to do to feed wires along the wall and through it without getting too close to any of the pipework on the walls, and then climb on top of the water tank so that the light could be fitted in the really rather small space available just above it.

And at last, but definitely not least, we took delivery of two bat boxes. These des-reses have to be installed before we are permitted to start work on the single storey extension at the far end of the building (which some may consider as something of an eyesore at the moment).

Hopefully you can see one just above and to the left of the non-functional floodlight (which we will be removing as soon as we have worked out how to do this safely)…

…and now the second one on the right hand side, just above the bay window end of the main reception room.

I feel I should prepare you for a change of pace. Now these bat boxes are in place, if the weather is kind to us, we will be moving on to more destructive jobs over the next few weeks: oh goody, I can get out my sledgehammer and return to my favourite environment!!

2 thoughts on “Man (or woman) the bat-tlements for progress!

    1. Thanks – but I fear your wishes haven’t brought quite the weather you might have meant! I don’t know what its been like with you, but its been incredibly windy here, and we have suffered numerous power cuts!

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