Mike has been laying down the (f)law here

We really know how to entertain ourselves here, don’t you know… since I last wrote, both Mike and I have spent longer picking flaking paint off a wall than either of us would freely elect to do. It does mean we should soon be able to repaint the front wall, but there really is something so dull about levering off the old paint in the hope that the new stuff will remain stuck in place.
This activity does not pretty pictures make, though, so instead I will show you the other thing Mike has done this week.

On Monday we travelled to Bangor to source some floor tiles for the bathrooms, among other things. You may recall that one of the floor 3 bathrooms had looked like this:

…and installing plaster board.

…but after Mike’s ministrations, it now looks like this:

Bathroom floor tiles, laid and grouted

and this:

Ditto, just in case this photo is clearer

We also bought a sample wall tile (as one has to order direct from the supplier) so in daylight tomorrow we will check how it looks and perhaps next time there might be more to show you.

3 thoughts on “Mike has been laying down the (f)law here

    1. Hi Julie, hope all is well with you. I have just discovered that the ‘comments’ field has moved and I haven’t been responding – sorry! Even worse, I had a very aggravating theology meeting last night and might have had a glass or two move than was wise of the falling down water, so slight headache this end… but all my own fault.
      Anyway, thanks for your enthusiasm. I am hoping today’s news, when I release it, will also generate a ‘wow’.
      All the best

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